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COVID-19 Re-opening Considerations      Download

  • Will/Can you offer curbside pick-up?
  • Will you require your Employees to wear mask and gloves?
  • Post Social distancing posters at entrance and in facility
  • Place floor markings and signs to encourage social distancing
  • Busy days have someone at door limiting number shoppers in at one time
  • Have social distancing marks outside shop for those waiting to get in
  • Provide hand sanitizing stations at entrance and in shop
  • Promote use of credit/debit cards over cash
  • Consider special store hours for high-risk customers
  • Re-evaluate how you sample products
        • Individual samples handed out (at distant) by employee
        • Do not encourage congregation at one spot
        • For workers preparing and providing samples – face mask, gloves and all appropriate board of health regulations
        • Avoid displays that may result in customers gathering too close
  • Cleaning/Sanitation of Facility:
        • Wipe down doors, handles and surfaces on frequent basis with appropriate disinfectant
        • Facility sanitation protocols are posted in employee areas, are up to date and accessible
        • Employee areas including POS stations, backrooms, stock rooms, and shared equipment (keys, control logs, tablets, warehouse equipment, etc.) are properly and regularly sanitized.
        • Breakroom tables, chairs, refrigerators, microwaves, and surfaces are properly and regularly sanitized.
        • Sanitization responsibilities are scheduled and assigned to designated employees and proper time is allocated to complete these tasks thoroughly.



Store Operations Considerations

  • Businesses have made scheduling adjustments to allow for additional disinfecting procedures before, during and at closure.
  • All employee emergency contact information is up to date.
  • Employees are aware of COVID-19 prevention protocols. Review this with them in-person. Post in place for employees frequent reference.
  • COVID-19 symptoms and prevention information is posted, is up to date, and is accessible to all employees.
  • Employees understand procedures should they present with COVID-19 symptoms. Call in procedures and timing outlined and reviewed.
  • Employees are following proper hand washing protocol including frequency and duration.
  • Employees are following proper respiratory hygiene.
  • Employees limit handling merchandise.
  • Where applicable, employees have access to appropriate protective equipment.
  • Employees understand how to access the most up to date information related to COVID-19 prevention, protocols, and procedures.
  • Ill employees do not come to work.
  • Will you begin screening employees at the start of each shift?
        • Symptoms Infographic click here
        • Option for consideration: Upon entering your workplace every day, all employees will complete a verbal health screening. Ask if they are experiencing any of the following symptoms: cough, fever of 100.4F, shortness of breath/difficulty breathing, chills, runny nose, stuffy nose, sore throat and diarrhea.
        • Asked if you have had known exposure to someone with, or under investigation for, COVID-19.
        • The questions in these screenings may change as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) issue further guidance. You may opt to not record any part of this verbal screening process.
        • Based on employee responses, they will either be allowed to enter the facility for the workday or instructed to leave the building and with further instructions for returning to work.




Center for Disease Control:

Novel Coronavirus Infographic (English)

Stop the Spread of Germs Infographic (English)

Prevent Getting Sick resources through the CDC

IN State Government:

Federal Drug Administration (FDA):

Kroger Company COVID-19 Blueprint - Sharing what Kroger has learned:

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